• President Obama To Go On Vacation Again

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    After all, posing with pre-schoolers is such hard work. When George Bush was President, the state-run media, like Jay Carney, went berserk when Bush went on vacation. Where is the press now? Are things getting better in America that the President can hob-knob with the rich folks in Palm Beach (talk about out-of touch)?

    Two vacations within 7 weeks of each other? It hasn’t been THAT cold in D.C. to keep the President off the golf course. I don’t begrudge a President a vacation but, when the average American gets 9.6 days off a year, this seems like a bit much.

    Via Politico

    WASHINGTON โ€” President Obama will be enjoying a little R and R โ€” and no doubt some golf โ€” this weekend during a vacation in West Palm Beach.

    The White House says he will leave Friday and he has no public events scheduled during the trip.

    The Presidentsโ€™ Day getaway to one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous comes just days after he delivered his State of the Union address focused on the plight of the middle class.