• Why Are Republicans Working With Eric Holder Against Texas? (Video)

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    This news from the PJ Tatler reminds me of the fantastic Judge Andrew Napolitano (see above) ‘What If’ segment which he asks ‘What if Democrats and Republicans were one and the same?’

    UPDATE: The PJ Tatler post has been updated. The RNC is denying claims made in the original post. Having been a fan of PJ Media for years, I tend to believe them more than the RNC considering just how pathetic the Republican party has been these last few years.

    Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Department will seek to recapture Texas and return it to federal oversight for approval of all election law changes such as photo voter identification. Holder’s move comes after the Supreme Court in June freed Texas and other states from the requirement that all state election laws be approved in Washington, D.C. Holder’s move prompted outrage from Texas Senators Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Governor Rick Perry.

    The three should also be angry with the Republican National Committee. PJ Tatler has learned that staff at the RNC have been spending RNC donations plotting to do exactly what Eric Holder is seeking to do – return Texas and other states to federal oversight.

    According to RNC sources frustrated with the race-based effort, paid RNC consultant Tom Hofeller (thofeller@rnchq.org) is spending RNC donations to develop race-based criteria to grab Texas and other states and place them back into federal receivership. The sources tell Tatler that nearly all of the members of the actual committee have been kept in the dark about this effort, and no mention is ever made in RNC fundraising efforts — for good reason, because GOP donors would be furious.

    Hofeller, a long-time RNC consultant on redistricting, has devised ways to force several states back into federal receivership by amending the Voting Rights Act to grab states and force them to obtain Washington, D.C. approval. He is hopeful that Congressional Republicans will use his RNC-generated ideas to accomplish this goal.

    • Richard_L_Kent

      1. This story is untrue. Go to Tatler and read why.

      2. If you had any honesty this story would not remain up. You’re repeating a baldfaced lie.

      • firejimmoran

        Hi Richard –

        See response above. Considering how pathetic the Republican party has been the last few years, until proven otherwise, post remains up.

        • Richard_L_Kent

          So you choose to repeat a lie because you find the lie more comfortable than the truth. Sure you’re not a Democrat?

          • firejimmoran

            Considering that the RNC has yet to respond to the three questions asked in the updated Tatler post speaks volumes. Quite frankly, it would not be surprising at all to find some in the RNC pushing big Government Republicanism as mentioned in the original post.

            I’m neither a Democrat nor Republican but a Conservative first and foremost who someday hopes the Republican establishment will get back to the principles that makes the Republican party great.

            • Richard_L_Kent

              Why should the RNC respond to any demand posted by someone who slanders them? The only thing that they deserve from the RNC is an in your face ‘f–k you a$$hole’. Which is all that is called for.

            • firejimmoran

              Thank you Richard for your comment. I will keep checking the Tatler post for updates.